Come Alive (Journey)

I'm baptised into joy as I ride on the crest of a wave
I plummet the depths as I smilingly pass through my grave
We're [going?] astral chords just to give you a thrill as we go
I take you aboard we're all soul brothers and sisters now

I journey over all the depths of your soul
On the motorway of love
I'm so glad that you were able to go
With my yin and your yang we fit just like a glove

Oh baby!

The world we create from the womb of our wisdom
The people return to the ways of the lord
To find he's a joker
Who's turned all the laughter to fear [???]
Reach him although he can't hear [???]

Climb on the [???!]
You're heard through the dark
I'll keep holding on 'till
Everyday I find I need a little love
Every way I'm looking round to give myself a thrill
I look at the trees and all the animals around my face
I feel your touch warming my body
and I know I've caught you in my place

Well now a man and a woman
They joined in their soul
The electrical forces of the body
Make your love grow

You catch hold each other
You start to get warm
Your blood is arising
keep a better lover [???]
when you bring it all around and back again

Never mind if fools say you can't win
I say you can't lose
Just carry on

YOu'll find your believer
Just when you think that you're lost forever
You have found love

Spirit of Joy (Journey)

Across the open land my sweet
No sun up in the sky
I threw down my skins and opened up the door

The sun came streaming in
and it shone out through your eyes
As you laughed and threw Van Goghs here on the floor

Hey, Spirit of Joy!
Whoh you make us fools be and we're wise
Hey, Spirit of Joy!
It feels so good you came into my life

Put your mind just where your mouth is and I'll tell the truth today
I say you're the one that I've been waiting for
You've not been round this way already so now my time has come
And now I'll see just what I'm looking for

Hey, Spirit of Joy!
It feels so good you came into my life
Hey, Spirit of Joy!
I know our love will launch us to our goal

Hey, Spirit of Joy!
I feel the daylight breaking through again
Hey, Spirit of Joy!
Hey, Spirit of Joy!

Brains (Galactic Zoo Dossier)

We want your brain expect for further education

We want your brains
To pay for further education

We want your brains
They belong to the nation

Trouble (Galactic Zoo Dossier)

Take a look into tomorrow
And see yesterday return
So much pain and so much sorrow
Will makind ever learn ?

I would like to write a song
To tell the world what is wrong with it today
I would like to write a book
If that where all it took,
To make it´s troubes go away

Whirlpool (Kingdom Come)

Silver Surfer
Desperate Dan
Textbook toothbrush
Mother's hand
The blazing snow
The schoolboy son
The bullfinch shot
With my own gun
That made me wonder "Why?"

A pedal-car made by my dad
Crystal radio
My own first pad
The lays beneath
The landlady's nose
Rock concerts in
Fancy clothes
That made me feel so high

Sunrise (Galactic Zoo Dossier)

The sunrise on the killing
Has left me in the way
I´m looking round to find the light
Won´t you let me see the day

Anywhere a man turns
He can´t help but see
Waves of destruction
And insanity
Deep down my soul
Raises a plea
Oh Lord, bring it back to me

The finger that will beckon
Will as soon push you right back again
The arms that caress you
Will fill you full of pain
And that's why
Why I gotta love someone
Deep down in my heart I gotta be free
To let my soul grow

And then tomorrow can be
Full of laughter and sunshine
The way behind you may seem
Very long but far away
And you may search

This whole wide world longing for beauty
But never listen, never listen what a man say

You´ve got to be
Just what you are
Or you will never understand

I´ll never be a fool again
I'm gonna try to reach in my mind
I'm gonna look for the way
I gonna try and I'll breathe again

Looking out the way
Try to make the day shine

I realise that nothing's gonna get you down
Nothing you owned
Nothing you wanted
And nothing you've had is gonna make you high

Night Of The Pigs (Galactic Zoo Dossier)

Grunting through our slime
Truncheons beating death´s time
On a wave of red flesh foam
We drive our riteous message home

This is the gig to and all gigs
This is the night of the pigs

Grunt snarl boot in the door
Handcuffs lie face down on the floor
Plant it easy for the dog
You take the bathroom, I´ll take the bog

This is the gig to and all gigs
This is the night of the pigs

Simple Man (Galactic Zoo Dossier)

I´m only a simple man
I´ve learned
A trick or two
As people must do

I´ve had a little
Intellectual placement
In a very near corner
Of my mind

And I´m spending
What seems to be
The rest of my life
Trying to get behind
To You
There must be a way

So in the darkest night
Let your little light
Keep on shining bright
To me

Homeless wanderer in my tent
Nowhere where I belong
Where I found this song

I´ve had a little
Intellectual placement
In a very near corner
Of my mind

Water (Kingdom Come)

Water flow
River restless wave
Floating with the morning
Through the sky

You can see the dawning
All around your head
Let the water roll
Let the water roll

Where the rainbow dresses you
In coats of no detail
See the end of yesterday and follow Earth's early smile
Where birds breeze time in one pure note
Shatters facing flight
See them dark holes in the sky
Letting in the night


Let the water roll
Let the water roll

Surely you can see the water flowing cross the ploughed field
Catches snatches of tomorrow that they drift beyond you to afar

Let the water roll
Let the water roll

Metal Monster (Galactic Zoo Dossier)

Metal monster cold tipped prick
Splits me arse to head
Computers sets the dials in my brain
To buggery of the dead

Wooden puppets suck me dry
Then wire up my destiny
My soul a prisoner with no eye
"Rides the pulse of a speeding lie" [or] "Feels the tired pulse of a whole world die"